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K-CCS (Chip to Cloud Server) is storage designed to
safely store and utilize important information

K-CCS (Chip to Cloud Server) is storage designed to safely store and
utilize important information in SE Array in the form of hardware as SE becomes larger and more high-performance.

Key Features of K-CCS

  • Breaking away from existing software-based databases,
  • It physically stores and protects important information inside the SE
  • Access control through the provision of the card key of the security token prevents the leakage of information by the internal staff as well as external hacking threats.
  • Provides customized security solution for various situations such as external transmission of stored information and web page login
  • Perfectly protects customers’ important information 24 hours a day, 365 days a year through dual composition and DR establishment by HA

External transfer model of customer information

  • The information provided to affiliates forms secure channels in all sectors between headquarters and affiliates
  • Possible to control all information transfers through direct key management and access control by headquarters
  • Cannot connect to the server in any way other than through card keys provided by headquarters, and it is possible to browse 1 piece of customer information each time
  • Able to check important information by an exclusive viewer only, and download is not possible
  • The method of providing important information in the form of an existing file to an external partner is easy to lose and to leak and is a direct cause of the mass capture of important information.

Web login model

  • As passwords are isolated and stored within SE, it is not possible to steal ID and password at the same time even if the web server is hacked from the outside.
  • Once logged in, the password entered by a user is compared to the original value inside SE and only the result of password matching (Y/N) is delivered to the external web server, which prevents any potential hacking