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  • CPS(Card Perso System)

    Kona CPS (Card Perso System) is an IC card issuance solution capable of management of lifecycle of IC cards and applications. It’s available on open platform (JAVA, Multos) and,
    for closed-loop cards and compatible with small and large perso systems.

Business Flow

CPS System Operating Environment

Advision Minimum Recommend
OS Window 7 / Linux / Unix Window 7 / Server 2003 /
Server2008 / Linux / Unix
WAS Apache Tomcat 7.0
Runtime Environment Java Runtime Enterprise Environment(JRE) 6
Java Development Kit(JDK)1.6
Database MySQL5.6
HSM SafeNet Eracom HSM
Jiang Nam Ke You/SJJ1214
Web Browser Chrome / FireFox
Internet Explorer 9 or above
Chrome / FireFox
Internet Explorer 11 or above

List of large perso system and HSM supported by CPS

Advision Product Name Model Recommend
Issuing equipment Data Card DC 9K MX series Maxsys MPR Series Affina or SCPM
Matica Mid Range System (Z10, Z20T, etc)
S5000, S7000 Series
MC Task
Atlantic Zeiser PERSO Line PMP
NBS All Products SmartSys
Mingsen HDP 5000
HSM Safe Net Protect Server /
Protect Server External
Jiang Nam Ke You SJJ1214

List of available EMV compliant brands

App VSDC 2.5.1 / 2.7.1 / 2.8.1
Contact / Contactless
M/Chip4 Lite / Select /
Advanced Paypass
Express Pay
PBOC 2.0
PBOC 3.0


  • SCMS

    KONA SCMS is an integrated management system for smart cards
    that makes data use safely and efficiently. This is an integrated smart card management system in which card issuers, which include banks, card companies and telecommunication companies that wish to issue smart cards, purchase and issue the cards, distribute them to general customers, download new programs for
    them within chips for customers to continuously use the cards in the future, and enable them to safely and efficiently use any relevant data.

Major Establishment Results

Financial Corporation

Stock Company

Insurance Company


  • TSM(Trusted Service Manager)

    TSM (Trusted Service Manager) is a comprehensive term that calls the system infrastructure that provides NFC service to the end users in a consistent, stable manner. SP (Service Provider) and MNO (Mobile Network Operator) may offer NFC service to end users by either establishing TSM system on their own or delegating the rights for provision of services to a TSM business operator. KONA TSM Solution can be implemented in accordance with global standards to establish the system in a swift and stable manner and enables management on all SEs (UICC, embedded SE, micro SD, IC Card, etc.).

Structure diagram

Main function

  • Identifies end users who wish to be provided with the services through secure element management
  • Performs service provision and management feature
  • Reinforces security through creation and management feature for SD (secure domains) inside SE
  • Provisioning feature supports downloading of NFC service that may be trusted by end users

TSM System Spec

Advision Minimum Recommend
CPU Window 7 Enterprise Window 7 Enterprise
Memory 8GB 16GB
Disk Configuration RAID 1 for OS and applications(2disks) RAID5 for SQL database log and data files(4disk)
Database MySQL5.6
Disk Space 1TB X 2 1TB X 2

TSM System Operating Environment

Advision Minimum Recommend
OS Window 7 Enterprise Editions Linux Ubuntu 13.04
(Kenel3. *version)
Window 7 Enterprise Editions Windows Server2012 Standard Linux Ubuntu 13.04(Kenel3. *version)
WRS Apache Tomcat 7.0 Apache Tomcat 7.0
Runtime Environment JDK1.6 JDK1.6
DB Oracle 11G Oracle 11G
HSM SafeNet Eracom PL600 SafeNet Eracom PL600
Web Browser Chrome/Internet Explore 8 or adove Chrome/Internet Explore 11 or adove