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KONA Authentication Service

KONA Authentication Service is an authentication service
based on a Dual Interface Card.

KONA Authentication Service is an authentication service based on a Dual Interface Card consisting of KONA Cert, KONA Check, and KONA PKI System.
  • Security Token Service

    • Identification Service ‘KONA Cert’ SVC Embedded IC chip (security token) inside the Dual Interface Card to serve as a credit card and e-Signature service based on NFC.
  • PKI System

    • IC chip based-PKI certificate
      issuance/ management system
  • Identification Service

    • Identify a card holder by loading the KONA Check applet onto a holder’s credit card for ID

KONA Cert Service

KONA Cert Service allows an IC chip to load the certificate and ommunicate with a smartphone via NFC.
It offers most secure and convenient cert usage and store service.


  • Enhanced security: Certificates stored in an IC Chip to prevent leaks
  • More convenience: Use an existing credit card as a means of storage
  • NFC-based mobile certification and payment services

Service Flow

KONA Check Service

KONA Check Service is based on a Dual Interface Card (IC Chip)
and uses a NFC enabled smartphone and IC chip loaded with KONA Check applet to verify identification.

* Thanks to better security and usability, it can be used across the media such as PC and smart phones that perform identification check.


  • Improved security:IC Chip contains the ID verification applet
  • Easiness: Utilize an existing credit card for storage
  • New business model for financial institutions

Use cases

  • Sign Up
  • Log-in
  • Edit Profile
  • Age Verification
  • Find for ID/PW