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The KONA payment platform provides
the best local currency services to boost local economies.

A local currency is key to the policies pursued by various local governments to support small businesses and revitalize local economies.
The KONA payment platform is the most ideal platform for local currencies, providing small businesses with the opportunity to promote their shops
through the platform and local residents with flexible benefits tailored to their respective municipal and provincial circumstances.

What is a local currency?

A local currency is a currency that is created based on an agreement
among community members and it can only be spent within a specific region.

This can help prevent capital from flowing out of a region, thereby boosting local consumption and, in turn,
creating a positive feedback cycle within the local economy. Small businesses can save on card fees and promote
member shops through the application, and users can enjoy a variety of benefits provided by their local government
and member shops that use a local currency.

Benefits for small businesses

  • Increased consumption and
    increased sales in the region
    As the payment and benefits are available
    only within the region, it naturally leads to
    increased sales for small businesses
    in the region.
  • It uses existing payment
    The KONA payment platform is
    compatible with the existing payment
    infrastructure, so member stores can use
    the platform without having to change
    any of their payment infrastructure.
  • Promotional marketing is available
    through the application
    The application maximizes the promotional
    effect for member shops through
    its benefits, such as sending messages
    to residents who use the local currency
    and access to discounts, cashback, coupons,
    and e-shopping malls among other benefits

Benefits for users (local residents)

  • Offers a variety of benefits In addition to the benefits provided by
    each local government,a wide range of
    discount and cashback benefits are also
    provided by each member shop,
    compounding benefits in a manner that
    regular credit and debit cannot.
  • High tax deduction rate It provides significant benefits to
    users with its 30% tax deduction rate,
    which is higher than the rates of
    regular credit cards.
  • App-based features improve usability Anyone aged 14 or older can apply for a card
    online through the mobile application,
    and can easily add funds or
    check the usage history in real time.


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