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Multi USIM

A single smartphone allows up to 3 numbers with a multi USIM card.

Using a mobile application, subscriber chooses the number stored on the multi UISM.
The receiver of call or text messages will see your choice of number at the time.
  • Change Number

    • Switch into other number at ease
  • Edit nickname

    • Assign nicknames to each number
  • Lock/unlock

    • Set a password to prevent access from others
  • Indicator bar (at top)

    • The number in use on display
  • Auto-forward

    • Take a call or text message for other number with the current number in use


Multi-USIM Chameleon service is better than the existing services.

Division Current Services Multi USIM
Provide actual numbers Create virtual numbers make it difficult to subscribe to add-on services or verify identification Provide additional numbers as actual numbers
Support business & personal subscription Not support Integrate numbers for work and personal purpose into a single USIM card
iPhone Not support Support

Use Case

Chameleon has a variety of use cases.

Separate numbers for personal/work

  • Sort out calls and messages from work outside work time or on the weekends

Protect Privacy

  • Keep your number from others
  • Use for membership registration
  • Temporary use

Payment / verification on corporate phone

  • Add your personal number to your corporate mobile phone for payment
  • And identification purposes.