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Together with its affiliates Kona M, Kona I manufactures
several different types of high security electronic cards.

Kona I’s revolutionary technology has made it possible to integrate electronic circuitry, a battery, support modules,
and an e-paper display all onto a single card – no thick than a regular card and just as durable.
  • Finger Print Card

    The fingerprint card authenticates a card holder via their biometric data using the embedded sensor that reads and recognizes the card holder’s fingerprint. Its increased security profile makes it ideal for access control, banking and payment, user authentication, government ID, and generally any sector where authentication and security are a high priority.

Standard Specification

  • Global Platform 2.2.1 or 2.1.1
  • JAVA Card 3.0.4 or 2.2.1


  • PKI vja coprocessor for RSA
  • DES
    ( Data Encryption Standard,
    Triple DES, SEED )


  • 7810, 7816, 14443

Biometric Card Main Functions


  • Display OTP / Dynamic CVV Card

    Display OTP allows user authentication using a constantly changing One Time Password rather than a static pin that needs to be remembered. The Kona I Display OTP card is capable of payment transactions, transportation, ID functionality, and is available in several different form-factors. The OTP server behind it can also support multiple authentication algorithms according your needs and requirements.
    A CVV number is a three or four digit number printed on the back of a card. The Dynamic CVV Card independently generates a new CVV number every hour. This prevents the card from being used fraudulently online in a card-not-present transaction.


  • OTP : OATH RFC-6238
  • HASH : SHA-256


  • OTP : Id-1 Type
  • CVV : 0.84mm


  • OTP : 15mAh
  • CVV : 3V DC15mA

Display OTP / Dynamic CVV Card Type

  • Button OTP

    1 Button OTP

    • Time Sync
    • Display OTP Card
  • Button OTP + (Combi)SE

    1 Button OTP + (Combi)SE

    • Time Sync
    • OTP + banking + transit
    • ID card
  • 13 Button OTP + (Combi)SE

    13 Button OTP + (Combi)SE

    • Time sync / Challenge Response
    • OTP/PIN entering OTP + banking
  • Dynamic CVV Card

    Dynamic CVV Card

    • Time Sync
    • Check Card / Credit Card


  • Special Material Card

    Kona I supplies high quality smart cards to both domestic and international banks as well as to government agencies. Our customized consulting services for payment, banking, transport, and eGov solutions, and our offering of only the best high-quality products enhanced by our unique special materials cards line-up have earned us the trust of clients big and small, both at home and abroad.

Representative Special Meaterial Card 4Type

  • metal

    Metal Card

    • Stainless Steel, Super Titanium, and Scandium used in these cards give them a unique design and an unmistakable feel.
    • They are durable beyond any card specifications, yet are still eye-catching.
  • shell

    Jewelry Card

    • The jewels embedded on these cards give them truly unique and classy feel.
    • This exquisite design is the result of a special insertion method developed by Kona I that does not sacrifice durability for aesthetics.
  • leather

    Leather Card

    • This card is a visual enhancement with a tactile element. The special coating material on the surface complements the patterns elegantly.
    • It is manufactured exclusively in Korea using Kona I’s proprietary technology and is popular around the globe for its high quality finish at its relatively inexpensive cost.
  • tree02

    Wood Card

    • The natural wooden texture achieved by using thin Finnish birch certified by FSC COC.
    • institution, and was received with critical acclaim both at home and abroad.